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Monday, December 17, 2012


Nifty opened within previous day range.IR Formed. BOF of IR high gave a short signal.. Exited when the BPB of IR Low failed to extend beyond the extreme. BOF of TR low gave a long signal. This one also failed to move. Scratched.


  1. So, a cigarette that did not puff?


  2. ST. One clarification.. Please let me know your opinion on PIVOT points and similarly arrived at levels..

    Often i dont see these levels dont exactly work..even using them to make a start the day makes one inflexible.. are these levels too ideal sort of levels whereas market is more dynamic ...Thanks

  3. Kranti

    I think you are referring to floor traders PIVOTS.These are calculated levels and do not expect market to respect these levels.
    MSP on the other hand are swing highs and lows where market reacted earlier. These levels will work


  4. Thanks ST.. Sorry for the delayed reply.. I really appreciate your feedback.. It will help me to fine tune my approach


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