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Friday, November 16, 2012

Thou Shalt Fear

Experiencing fear is normal in trading. In fact, fear is considered as a basic survival mechanism. Without fear, we won't be able to recognize danger and respond appropriately. Fear warns you that something doesn't feel right about a trade, you should try to figure out what exactly is going wrong

Fear may force us to make a decision that goes against good trading habits. It may make us violate our trading plan. We probably go through one of the following at least once every trading session

  • We fear our winners will turn into losers and exit, missing bigger profits
  • We fear losing money and hold on to losing trades longer, losing more money
  • We fear to lose and skip valid trades.
  • We fear missing trades and over trade.
  • We fear the unknown, we fear the uncertainty.of trading.

No matter how much better we become, we will never stop feeling afraid. No matter how much more experience we get, we will never stop feeling afraid. Trading psychologists may not agree. They will swear and promise us to take our trading psychology beyond fear and help us achieve peak performance. Let them. It is their bread and butter.  

There is no other way but to accept fear as a constant companion. The only thing I can tell you is that while the fear never goes away, the more you work through it the easier it becomes to handle.


  1. bro, whats your method's name, need some resources like books if any other than the site bcoz the time i am spending before the screen is increasing. this strategy looks simple, yet not.

  2. True. One cannot wipe out completely Fear and Greed, but the more control on them the better trading success!

  3. Manjunath

    No name so far. Suggest one.
    Everything is on WWW. Google ,Goooogle and Gooooooogle


  4. Sivaraman

    IMHO Trading psychology is over rated.
    Once you have a method with an enduring edge 90% of these problems will just vanish


  5. Manjunath

    Tons of materials are available if you search Price action trading.
    What I have written on this blog is enough for you to trade profitably, if you are willing to take action


  6. Hi ST,

    I agree with you. I feel both fear and greed on the extreme lands you into to deep trading loss. Often self denial plays a big role in overcoming these extreme fear and greed.

    ST, your views please.


  7. Subs
    If you are having deep trading losses, something is wrong with your method.Work on it
    You will regret after each and every trade because in hind sight you will notice you could have managed it much better


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