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Friday, November 2, 2012


Nifty gaped up above PDL.IR formed. Long on the break of IR high. Scratched the trade later.


  1. Manjunath

    Scratching means getting out of a trade at a small profit/breakeven/small loss as you feel the trade is not moving as you expected.
    You are avoiding a stop out.A scratch trade is often a winning trade because it will get you out of the market before the price turns against you


  2. ST,

    1. When do you decide that a trade needs to be scratched? How much room do you give a trade to play?

    2. If a trade goes against you immediately after entry, what do you do? Do you ever consider reentering a scratched trade?

  3. Augu Bhai

    1.If price fails to break FTA I will consider scratching the trade.Depends on
    a)how strong the rejection from FTA is.
    b) Origin of the move. I will not hurry to scratch in case of a BOF.For TST and FTC I will act fast.
    2.Price reversals rarely happens without testing a trouble area
    I rarely risk more than 10 points.
    Yes, I will enter beyond the latest swing point if RR is still favourable


  4. ST,

    Thanks for the clarifications.


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