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Monday, November 5, 2012


Nifty opened within previous day range. BOF of IR high/ PDC gave a short signal. Scratched when BO of IR low failed. Went long on the second test of PDL.This trade moved as expected.


  1. Hello ST,

    Thanks for your contribution to the trading community.

    I have very rarely seen you taking a position in the initial 30 minutes of trading. Is there any reason for doing so. Or is it better to avoid initial 30 minutes of trading.


  2. Subs
    Time is not relevant
    When a low risk trade shows up we should act.

  3. hello ST

    Why did you not take the breakout failure of IRl around 5725..

  4. Akshay

    I skipped the BOF of IR low because
    1.Bias was very bearish as 4 attempts to go above 5740 failed
    2.Already short on BOF of IR High
    3.Rejection was not rapid. Price stayed below IR low for nearly half an hour
    4.FTA (IRL/PDC)was too close LOL PDH Was above it



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