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Thursday, May 31, 2012


Nifty gaped down below PDL.. Market was in no mood to go below the GDP drama. HL gave a long signal. I was watching for a BOF of PDL which did not happen. Better to stay out during major announcements.


  1. Can you tell at what point of time you determined HL level? And btw what is this GDP drama about?

  2. What was your SL after going long at HL? Would you convert your SL to TSL? If yes, how it will work?

  3. BPS
    I went long when a higher low candle appeared

    I was referring to the market reaction to GDP announcement. Notice the 40 point wide candle.

    Most of the time I end up exiting around FTA. and almost always it is not the right exit.


  4. BPS
    Regarding SL
    My physical SL was below LOD. But once if it falls below the HL I may scratch the trade



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