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Friday, May 11, 2012


Nifty gaped down below PDL . FTC of PDL gave the first short signal. But it moved so fast that I missed the entry. Supported at BRN and there was no reliable pattern for entry. BOF of PDL was a trade that stopped out. BOF of PDC gave a short signal which moved well..
Notice how the market is respecting and reacting to decision points


  1. By following your methods i was able to make good profits yesterday.

    1. I had carried shorts from day before and when the price was at PDC, i exited, thinking it can rally.

    2. Missed the FTC trade, also coincide with IIp nos.

    3. I waited at BRN , Seeing higher low , i went long and booked at seeing BOF at PDL

    4. re eneterd Long again when moved above PDL and booked when Gap filled/ PDC also near 34Ema, Day low Ema at that time.

    5. Could have shorted also when there was BOf at PDC, but missed it,

    6. Noticed a H&S in 1m/2m chart with, 4962-4942 as shoulder, , so shorted at the retest at 4962 levels , NF went till 4966, but NS went only till 4963, trgt was 4910 NS for me, I booked near 4930 itself .

    Just wanted to let you know that your blog helped me to improve my success ratio, and i have been recommending your blogs to my friends.

    I posted my trade, just for explaining how this blog helped me and How i was able to make exact entry and exit using FTC, BOF, PDC, PDL BRN etc..

    Thankyou verymuch


  2. Sorry got it. Big Round Number.

  3. Chetas

    Really happy to know that my methods helped you to trade better.

    Trading does not have to be that hard. It is doable

    But All violinist cant become a Yehudi Menuhin or a Chowdiah. Be realistic in your expectations.


  4. Mangup

    Please do post your comments


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