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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Nifty gaps up above the PDH but failed to sustain the level. BOF of PDH gave a short signal.. Second short signal was the BOF of PDC/PDL. Both trades gave good profits.Those who have seriously gone through the charts I posted during the last three months will understand the importance of Trader Decision Points

Once you gain experience . you can even attempt the CT BOF of DB at line marked A.  10 Point move in Nifty is enough , if you are trading multiple lots.

Read this if you really want to learn day trading ,


  1. Dear ST,
    You are absolutely right about 10 point gain from one's position.But when it is time for action ,one has to act and one should not be at the mercy of greed. But this is easier said than done and it is a skill development which later on will be in auto pilot mode with absolutely no pressure on "analysis".How do u keep a tab on PDL,PDC,PDH etc ? Is it that u prepare some worksheet or only in mind ?


  2. Ajith

    Are you trading without live charting ?

    You can always see these levels on the chart at a glance. I concentrate on decision points immediately above and below the current price.



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