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Friday, June 20, 2014


Nifty Nirvana is almost two and a half years old. Over the period this has grown into a big community. On an average 450 people come and read the stuff every day. Average page views have crossed the thousand marks. I really wonder how many people trade the method. Anyway those who trade the trade are less than who read the trade.

I was seriously thinking about a small checklist to trade the method. Luckily, U R Dave Sent me a small check list he prepared and I found it surprisingly simple and contained all the relevant information. The booklet titled “TRADE-SCORE” is available for download at his blog for free. On the first read you may feel it is way too complicated and difficult to process. But  with few days of practice, everything will become a routine

When I started writing the blog, I was not sure whether I will be able to teach the method as everything is very discretionary. But U R Dave proved that this can be learned and traded well even though he is not a full timer. I encourage all of you to visit his trade journal on a daily basis

Go ahead and download this small booklet. I am sure this will be a worthy weekend read for you. Please do not forget to thank him and give him your valuable feedback. Kindly share through your social networks.



  1. OMG.. what a coincidence, yesterday i was thinking about preparing some check list kind of, to validate before trade initiation process.. & here it is :)

    Thank you ST & U R Dave.. week end home work is here :)

  2. ST Sir and URD,

    Thanks for this initiative.


  3. Sir,

    Thank you very much for the kind words and linking the booklet here. TRADE-SCORE was possible only because of you. It required your guidance, support and encouragement from your side.

    My story is not different than others. I started with swing trading and later switched to day trading. I tried lot of different methods, be it MAs, BO method, SAR, all sorts of indicators but nothing worked. I became your fan since the very first time I visited this blog, around two years back. I feel myself very fortunate that I visited this blog and it changed my trading style for good. I learned a lot from you.

    I have benefited a lot from your wisdom and I hope others would benefit too.

    Once again, I thank you, thank you for everything.

    U. R. Dave

  4. kudos to URD. great job done...!! just browsed during the market hours. finding really interesting. should study in detail. URD is bringing his process oriented approach from his office to trading.

  5. ST and URD, Thank u very much.

    I get reminded of 'The Turtles'.


  6. dear Rose mary i request you too to prepare it as it will help us in having lot of understanding ... thanks

  7. Thank you ST and URD. nice homework for the weekend.

  8. Sir,

    Thank you Sir and Daveji. New and struggling traders could not have asked for more. Have a great weekend Sirs.


  9. Thanks ST and Dave for doing this great work..

  10. thanks ...thank you very much ....ST & Dave

  11. Thanks Sir.It is only after coming to your blog, I started to earn profit and more than this to know where will be my stoploss.
    Thanks again.

  12. Thanks from bottom of my heart. URD & ST.

  13. Thanks ST & UR Dave!


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