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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Reading:Stock Bee

Work on procedure memory to improve your trading: Pradeep Bonde

Procedural memory is memory about how to perform procedures.
We have as an adult thousands of procedural memory. We perform these processes without thinking.
Driving a car is about procedural memory. We drive effortlessly without thinking. We are not even conscious of the process unless something happens.

Yesterday I dropped my neighbor to the airport in his car. Because I had never driven that kind of car before I was conscious of the process and paying close attention.

Shaving, brushing your teeth, washing dishes, cooking, and many other things are stored in brain as procedural memory where we can do them without thinking.

The day you realize trading success is about developing procedural memory specific to a setup or style of trading , you will be on path to success. You will do things that will enhance procedural memory.

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  1. Thanks ST
    Will go thru the article now

  2. ThanX for introducing another wonderful blog.

  3. How has been the procedural memory for this method shaping up for you ?Are you planning to move to bigger lots now?

    1. I am progressing well.
      Trading good setups with two lots now



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