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Thursday, January 2, 2014


Nifty opened within previous day range. tried to go below PDL. BOF of PDL was a signal to go long. But before I could enter an order it went up breaking PDC and PDH. Vertical move till BRN 6400. BOF/FTC of BRN gave a short signal. Went short below the breakout MC. Then it was just trailing. Stopped out for a point at BRN 6300 and missed the next 40 point down move. Today during the fall Zerodha Trader was not working properly. Now I am having some doubts about its reliability


  1. Hi ST,

    Was victim of Zerodha terminal goof up. But cross checked the prices with other broker on my screen, so was saved.
    Could capture most of the moves.

    Plz click here
    Did I mark FTC correct this time.

  2. TBP

    With NF it was also a BOF of BRN


  3. Hi,

    First time, I captured the full Down move today though i was scared to loose the coming profit in sudden rally !! Kept 50% as positional also.

    But even my terminal from India Infoline also stopped many times today due to sudden Fall/ Rally.

    I think all are same. Now, Trying Sharekhan Trade Tiger from yesterday, will update you if i will experience anything better..

    Deven Malhotra

  4. ST when you say "Zerodha Terminal" are you planning to go back to NOW terminal ?
    I don't trade with zerodha, but planning to migrate. so excuse if it is a dumb question.

  5. Hello Sir,
    BOF/FTC of BRN gave a short signal.
    What this Mean.

    Not understand it.

  6. Hi St,
    BRN should be considered of nifty future value or nifty spot value.I could not short at 6400 because of the strong upmove and was expecting a continuation of the upmove. I was thinking to short at double top. St, do you consider volume. It was the volume which stopped me shorting at 6400,

  7. Sir,

    Look like in midway of market F1 stopped working :-)

    Is the first candle IR?

    Can we use NSE NOW as we many not utilize any of the features of zerodha trader? I used it today and no hickups.

    I am taking entry based on DP and exiting based on ema cross once the market big move to catch bigger trends, will that be good?


  8. Devan

    No need to scare. Such V shaped reversals happens very rarely. Most of the time market reverses after a retest
    Today my SL was just above BRN 6300 I could have given a little more room and made another 40 points


  9. xtrader1
    At present not thinking about it.
    They are responsible people They will rectify it


  10. TC Wear

    The signal can be considered as BOF of BRN as well as FTC after a vertical move. Hence written BOF/FTC


  11. Raghu

    First candle is not the IR
    The entire 50 point up move is IR
    If the first candle was a MC it can be considered as IR


  12. Hi,
    Its a new and nice terminology in trading. And though little complex,it works well.But could you share points /month or points/quarter you earned on this technique? Share if you don't mind.

  13. Shree

    My target is just 10 Nifty points a day and I am achieving it on an average.
    Profit is a function of your position size. with 10L capital you can trade 20 lots risking 1% of capital


  14. Hi ST,
    I am trying to better understand the BOF/FTC entry. After a 60 point move up, there was no retracement, just fall. Is it mostly the case with Master Candles or was there something else happening here?

    1. S Roy

      Nothing to do with master candles.It was a game play by the big boys
      FIIs close their accounts on Dec 31. They lifted the market to a high so that they can show higher NAV for their positions. New year day was holiday for them. On the next day they dumped everything on the head of retailers.


    2. Thank you so much ST. So it would be ok for someone new to the method (like me) to miss the move. Am I correct?

    3. S Roy

      You can afford to miss most of the moves if your expectations are realistic.
      Your profit is a function of your position size and capital.Let me explain.
      Your capital 100000/- risk 1% 1000 per trade. you can trade 2 lots @10 point risk
      You can earn 12% in risk free bank deposit,but you need 4 times that return@ 50% per year
      So you need to earn 50000 per year. With 100 Nifty you need to capture 500 points an year
      This is less than 50 points a month or 2.5 points a day after expenses.With 5 point a day you can double your money in an year. That is why I am focusing on execution consistency rather than on money now.
      I think you have not read my reply in an earlier comment. Watch that video. You will know what the real traders are aiming for


    4. Than you ST. Very interesting video with a lot of historical info, I cant fathom how a CA could have run a business with no risk analysis/management , sounded a bit reckless although that sounds like a much different time than now. He sounds like a big player, 46 systems being traded from multiple locations, wow! . I found the comment on Sri Rajiv Gandhi's assassination a bit distasteful though.

      He sounds honest and shared a lot of info that hopefully will help me avoid in the single lot that i am trading . I find when I increase my lots I end up making more mistakes. I have a long way to go to consistent execution, but hopefully with your help I might be able to achieve it.


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