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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Nifty opened near PDC. Formed a cigarette pattern around BRN. Went long on BOF of range low. This trade moved much more than I expected.I did not expect it to move beyond PDH


  1. hi sir
    I went long on second test of range low ...but bof dint succeed and had to scratch....What prevented you from going long here?

  2. Akshay

    1.We are trying to trade a 10 point range.
    2.In between there is BRN 5900 just 5 points away.
    3. Just a TST only. No order flow from trapped traders.
    4.CT trade. Price below the open of the day and PDC.
    5.Initial move is down


  3. hi sir,
    as u mentioned in some previous post,vwap n ltp gap was like 20 to 25 points at 2.59,(nf 5935),could we have entered there also.?

  4. vishal

    I was not paying attention to VWAP today.usually a gap of 30-35 point trigger such a move.


  5. Sir, can you recommend some respectable reference on price action for further understanding as i have read a few like NIAL Fuller, price action 5, but tey generally recommend 4 hr time frame for good results in forex. could you please recommend some study material on price action which is for intra day. further i'm finding it difficult to implement with stock futures, is it applicable for indicies only or some other asset class like crude, gold, stocks, currency etc

  6. Hello Sir,
    I appreciate you for taking BOF of range low. But my question is why did you not take the BO of range low in downward direction? Coz, it seems that price breaks the low range of cigarette initially, please explain.

    Tnx in advance,

  7. Sakthivel

    My short entry order did not trigger.
    We must be very nimble to trade this. Keep your entry order a little far from the range extreme to avoid false breaks
    I got trapped on 15022013 and reversed the trade immediately


  8. Shai

    Method will work in all instruments. But you have to tweak and adapt to it.

    I have stolen a lot from Lance Beggs



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