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Monday, February 11, 2013


Nifty gaped down below PDL. IR formed. Went long on BOF of IR Low.Price moved to PDL as expected.  TP at PDL. Another two hours price moved in a 10 point range. BOF of range low gave a long signal.. This trade did not move as expected. Scratched

Today I messed up all the levels. Some of you might have noticed it ,I think. I came to the market an hour late and found Nifty trading in a range.I totally forgot about the intraday gap in icharts. I wrongly considered the last 4 bars of previous day  as todays action and traded the whole day..I noticed this error only when techtrader pointed out this. Thanks techtrader.


  1. Hi ST,

    Why don't you use NS instead of NF. Is NF trading better, but one problem in NF is that we can't find historical data in NF.

    Your comments plz..


  2. Deven Malhotra

    NF is the trading vehicle. We cannot trade NS. Why should one trade NF looking at NS chart
    Historical data for NF is available since inception


  3. Sir on 8-2-2013 day low was below 5910 level you have your tp toady at 5930 level and it is marked as pdl.sorry if iam wrong

  4. techtrader

    You are right. Corrected in the original post



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