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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Nifty gaped up above PDH. Bias was bullish. BOF of PDH/IR low gave a long signal.TP at IR High/HOD. Rejection on TST of HOD gave a short signal which moved very well. It went down breaking  PDH, PDC, BRN. When it started channeling near PDL, I exited and missed the final 30 point move.It was just a flag.


  1. Hello SmartTrader,

    Your blogs and system are very interesting. I came to know about the blog from VFMDirect but only recently did I find time to read it thoroughly.
    So much so I have read most of your blog begining Jan and I am now a fan, I visit your blog regularly. It has a very clean format and your insights are very thought provoking.

    I started as a buy and hold trader and moved on to futures and options where I lost heavily (only good part being I could afford it).
    Some of your blogs (such as slippery slope and changing/chasing trading strategies) reminded me of the many mistakes I made/make.
    I have a day job so cannot do any intra-day trades, though time permitting I try to do mock trades and compare with your daily analysis of your trade.

    Do you recommend/suggest any system for trading derivatives with a time-frame of a few days?

    Regards and Best Wishes,
    Mr. Pai

  2. Based on your system I too got the BOF buy (first) and closed/stopped out on the failure to close above IRH. I wonder how you decided to short at IRH, I waited for the next DP at PDH to crack before shorting and TP a bit to early.

    All above are mock trades in realtime. I have lost enough money for this calendar year that I decided I will only be using trading mock till I build the necessary discipline.

  3. Sir,

    Can u plot the ATP on your charts in Trade Tiger?


  4. Hello sir.. thanxs alot for sharing ur insight n wisdom.. can u pls reiterate at what time do we draw IR(low n high) channel.. at fix time eg. 9.30/9.45 or any other parameter.. thanxs again..

  5. Dear Mr. Pai

    Thanks for the visit and comment.
    I am totally focused on NF 3M charts.So cant help you in swing trading.Sorry.If you have not read Pradeep Bonde's blog , read

    If you are long and price fails to move above a DP book your profit and reverse.It will come with experience. Stay in the game.


  6. Sam

    I do not use trade tiger.
    I can watch the current ATP on NOW terminal


  7. Anonymous

    I have written a detailed post on IR
    It is listed under important posts/Structure and patterns


  8. Hello SmartTrader,

    Thank you for your suggestions. Keep up the good work and blogging. Tremendously useful for learning.

  9. If you are long and price fails to move above a DP book your profit and reverse.It will come with experience. .......


  10. ratnakar

    Don't confuse yourself. This is not a SAR ( Stop and reverse Method). Need to take appropriate decision depending upon the price action.



    than x for this also..


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