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Thursday, October 11, 2012


Nifty opened within previous day range and sold immediately. Cracked PDL and pulled back after forming an IR . Went short the BPB of PDL as bias was bearish .Scratched the trade as the price was not willing to go below the IR Low. BOF of IR Low gave a long signal. My target was IR High. But it gave a 80 point nice move cracking PDL, IRH, BRN and PDH. VWAP was 5695 at 3.15 PM . there was a margin of 45 points.This fueled the further up move during last minutes.


  1. Sir
    1.Which of the charts you recommend like Amibroker etc and
    2.Pls suggest which Data Provider who gives 3 min and less than 3min Nifty Futures Data feed

    Pls advice on these two aspects.

  2. trendingnifty

    I am using web based charts from icharts. Charts are available from 30 seconds onwards.They are very good. Rs 3900/- for 6 months.



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