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Friday, September 28, 2012

Brian Hoffman

Brian Hoffman will be doing a presentation tomorrow ( 29-09-2012 ) evening. The event is sponsored by  Ninja Trader.It is at 11.00 AM EDT ( 08.30 PM IST, I think). Brian Hoffman is a full time trader and consultant who has had the unique opportunity to work with traders from all around the world.   His trading methodology is based on price action and exploiting retail trader psychology and does not require the use indicators or systems.

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  1. Thx - I think it is 8:30pm local time - see u there - rb

  2. The major takeaway from webinar was that trading is subjective - you have to get the "feel" and "rhythm" of the market and pure objective systems are not going to work for retail traders.

    I could not grasp his statement that Stop should be either <6 ticks or >12 ticks. In Nifty Future context, what would this translate into?

  3. What he is saying is that you may be right of the direction and right about a support level. But if you keep a stop close to get a better risk reward. You will inevitably get stopped out. In Nifty Future below a support level one can expect a 5 to 10 point move. When it moves below the support level there is a running of stops and weak bears would add shorts expecting a breakout. This is what he mentions as being a liquidity providers.

  4. Nifty Baz

    Could not get the 6-12 thing


    Right. You just gave answer to an earlier post.

  5. ST,
    I have sent you an email about 6-12 thing which Brian mentioned and I am not able to grasp.


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