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Friday, September 7, 2012


Nifty gaped up above PDH. Bias was bullish.I was looking for an opportunity to go long.  BPB of IR high gave a long signal. This trade failed to move. Scratched. Stayed away from CT  trade.


  1. Some observations:
    Did you notice at 1:00pm there was a perfect BOF at 5254 High of the Day also a double top. The previous BOF was a weak attempt. This reversal tested the IR high and failed.
    If you consider the gap up as a spike. Then Nifty had made a spike and channel trend for the whole day. All lower trend line channel touch was a long. The failed BOF was also a long. Nifty was displaying deep pullbacks which are a sign of lack of strong trend. Even though the long at the lower channel line was a high probability trade the reward to risk ratio is not favourable

  2. ST - Wasnt there a PB trade around 1:30 when price tested the IR high? It is not a main DP but it is tempting as we are looking to get in on breakout strong trending day.


  3. @Rameshji
    You are correct. It was channeling the whole day.
    @ Raghu
    Notice the BOF of IR High Rameshji mentioned. Going against a BOF move at a weak DP without a strong signal is a low probability trade.



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