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Monday, March 5, 2012

System Hopping

I remember a story from Kerala folklore  "Parayi Petta Panthirukulam".
The story is about  12 children abandoned by the parents and adopted by people from 12 different castes

In this story, "Pakkanar" calls at his elder brother "Agnihotri's" house. He was told to wait because the latter was doing his daily Pujas. Rather than waiting idly, Pakkanar started digging a pit in the courtyard; every now and then, Pakkanar would take a break and ask for his brother - and was told "he is now doing the Homam for Ganapati", "he is performing Siva Puja", "he is doing 'Salagrama Pushpanjali" and so on. For each different answer, Pakkanar dug a fresh pit. This went on for a long time.

 Finally Agnihotri finished his rituals and came out to meet Pakkanar - and found his courtyard riddled with several small pits. Pakkanar remarked: "I did a lot of hard work, but no luck; rather than digging so many pits, I should have dug just one pit persistently, I would have found water by now!".

Agnihotri got the message.

 Have You ?

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  1. oh so nice and stick to point example.
    yes we need to be on a single stratgery as nothing is holygrail each method has his pro and cons,
    thanks for so valuable inputs


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