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Saturday, March 24, 2012


 Catch-22 is a satirical,historical novel by the American author Joseph Heller. The Novel was published in 1961.Within the book, "Catch-22" is a military rule, the self-contradictory circular logic that, for example, prevents anyone from avoiding combat missions. "Catch-22" later became an idiomatic usage.

Catch-22  is a paradoxical situation in which an individual cannot avoid a problem because of contradictory constraints or rules.Often these situations are such that solving one part of a problem only creates another problem, which ultimately leads back to the original problem.

Confidence in your method makes all the difference in trading.You will not be able to make money unless you have total confidence in your methods. But the problem is that you will not have confidence in your methods if you are not making money with it.

To become a consistently profitable trader, you need to develop a method that suits your personality. When developing a trading plan , you should know and understand the logic behind each step. This will boost your confidence and will give you the discipline to follow the plan. Confidence is believing in your ability to do something.
All the knowledge to become a profitable trader is not owned or controlled by any one. They are in public domain. Many methods that are available over the net and books can be traded very profitably.

But this is not possible without hard work, determination and a lot of tweaking.

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