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Monday, July 6, 2015


Nifty gaped down and failed to move beyond the open. Missed many long opportunities during the day. But could get two good trades. BOF of PDL short and a PP above IRH long. Stopped out on a short trade at PDH. Missed BOF of IRH,Later BOF of BRN, A TRAP and the BPB of PDH. Nifty is not bothered about Greece it seems.


  1. Hi ST,
    Thanks a lot for the chart. ST, at BRN BOF at 8400 wouldnt that be CT against a strong down trend? Where was the correct entry there? Price was channeling up to the left of that trap entry long. Where was MSP at that point or are we looking for trap at pivot low there? thanks for all the help.

    Thanks again, good to know all the stuff I missed in the live chart.

    1. It was CT. That is why I missed them. No such location to enter.Decide the stop first and enter as close to it as possible
      It was a narrow channel like move up and later it seemed to channel down. Entry could be on break of 80 and SL at the swing low is too much risk. that is why I avoided it



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