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Thursday, May 9, 2013


Nifty opened within previous day range. IR formed. Went short on BPB of IRL. This trade did not move. Scratched at a small profit. Could not get any reliable signal to go long and missed the up move. Short on BOF of IRH/HOD. Market scared me and I was thinking about exiting. But as the earlier directional moves of the day were Channels, I  decided not to scratch and was lucky to capture a good move


  1. yes, today was a difficult day to trade esp intra.

    Congrats on your short! Nice work!


  2. There was a BOF after TP. Similar to what was marked LOD and BOF yesterday? rb

  3. SS
    I stayed as my stop was beyond the day extreme


  4. Raghu

    You are right
    There was a BOF at 6050
    I skipped it because there were 4 swing highs and IRL above it within 15 point.
    Yesterday there was no such chop.
    We need space to trade not traffic.
    Go to
    Watch a video titled "Traffic V/s Space" by mbqb11 under guest material



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