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Monday, January 30, 2012


1.Market gaps down to LOPD, If LOPD holds market may try to close the gap. Fails to go above the first doji bar and drifts down.Forms a minor DB goes up and tests the HOD.

2.This can also be considered as a bear flag formation after a gap down.The second attempt to go up also fails. Here one can safely short with a very small risk.

3.Market breaks down and pull backs to test the breakout point. A two legged pull back gets rejected rapidly.A shorting area. But very difficult to enter as rejection was very fast.

4.Market breaks down and forms a bottom. Second attempt of the low gives a counter trend BOF trade.This move goes above the range resistance and fails. A scratch trade long.

5.A very good opportunity to short with the trend reversing the earlier long trade.

Note: Trades are on 3 minute charts. I trade the naked charts. I find even the grid lines as distraction .

Lesson: Trade with the trend. When the bias is down sell the highs. TST and BOF of range highs and retracement highs

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